Instead of using tester from our panel, you can invite your own users on every monthly plan. Your test will have a unique link that you can share with anybody you would like to participate in your test. 

How to create your invitation link

  1. Create a new test or edit an existing one
  2. Add your test scenario in the first step
  3. Select „Invite your own participants“ on the second screen
  4. Copy the link and share as desired


You can then share the link with participants to gather feedback.

Do you remunerate participants invited by me?
No. Participants who access your test through the invitation link will not be remunerated by us.

Which data do you collect about my participants?
Besides the full-screen recording including audio, you’ll see full name, and email of the participants and data on the device that was used for recording.

You can find the name and email of your participants on the detail page of every video.

How much does testing with my own participants cost?
Testing with your own participants is included at no additional cost on every plan. Plans start at just $49 per month and can be cancelled anytime.

What will my participants need to do to record a test?
Your participants must perform the following steps to record your test after clicking on the shared link:

  • Install either our Chrome Extension or iOS app for user testers
  • Launch the app and click on “I have an invitation code”
  • Enter the six-digit code from the unique link
  • Follow the instructions of your test and think aloud

What kind of branding will be shown to participants?
Participants will see a page branded by Userbrain where they’ll find an explanation of the process, a link to our recording tools and a unique code to access the test within the app.

How do you revoke access to a test?
After sharing the link to your test you can disable access anytime by clicking on “Stop Testing” on the test overview page.